Meet the Team

We are an engaged and cohesive team. Our multifaceted group is comprised of experts in data management, programming, ITS engineering, Linux, research project management and administrative support. We are active members of the national REDCap consortium- participating in committees, presenting at national conferences, and even winning awards!

Read more about each of us below.

End-User Support


Dana Limone manages all of our administrative activities including responding and directing our email inquiries, an increasingly daunting task. If there is a limit to the amount of chaos that she can put up with, we haven't found it.


Janet Miceli's experience as a Data Manager makes her an invaluable resource on our team. She has considerable experience using APIs to migrate data into REDCap, as well as in designing complex multilingual REDCap projects. She works closely with Dana and Sui to answer questions, trouble-shoot, and provide creative solutions to end-users.


Baylah Tessier-Sherman is just plain fun to have on the team. She enjoys a good challenge and regularly helps REDCap users solve problems. More importantly, she uses this experience to improve services. She massively expanded the FAQ library, leads trainings, and identifies functionality for YES3 software.


Sui Tsang- Chances are that if you are a REDCap Designer on our system that you have contacted Sui; she is the go-to person for advice on how to use REDCap. Sui is an active member in the national REDCap-user community and stays abreast of upcoming developments, best practices, and reported bugs. She is the leader of our ever-expanding support efforts, including advanced training sessions. Staff Highlight July 5, 2021.


Data Management


Katy Araujo first worked with REDCap when it was introduced to Yale in 2011 and has never looked back. As the Director of Data Management and Informatics Systems for the Program on Aging, Katy has utilized REDCap for countless projects ranging from small pilot studies to large, multi-center trials. She is always taking on new challenges. In collaboration with YCAS, she helps identify data managers to work on projects and provides consultations on study design, data management, and operations support.


Janet Miceli is a Data Manager who has built REDCap projects for a variety of studies. During her first week with us, we noticed her walking into her office with a toolbox to fix something... and we knew immediately that she was a perfect fit for our group! Among her many responsibilities, she helps test and validate the REDCap system to ensure it runs smoothly.


Baylah Tessier-Sherman has gained a depth of data management experience working on Yale research projects for over 15 years, including projects with the Equity Research and Innovation Center (ERIC). As part of the REDCap team, Baylah is broadening her impact and using her experience building REDCap projects to benefit researchers across campus.


Sui Tsang is an expert in REDCap database design and management with over 20 years of experience. She is our "REDCap Ninja." In addition to providing end-user support, she is also the Lead Data Manager for a number of well-established studies at Yale with a long-standing history of success. There's a secret ingredient in there somewhere!

ITS Engineering


Brian Funaro, IT Systems Engineer, is an expert in Linux system administration and programming. A founding member of the Yale ITS Linux Research Support Team, he is an embedded member of our team through a special contract with ITS. Brian's responsibilities include REDCap hardware and software infrastructure, testing and applying system patches and updates, and REDCap programming. He is well-known within the national REDCap community- serving as our 'ambassador' at the annual REDCap conferences and participating on REDCap committees in the consortium...although some may argue that his most valued contribution is sharing almonds with colleagues during team meetings.

Software Development


Peter Charpentier is retired after a long career designing data systems for epidemiological and clinical research studies. As the former Director of the Data Management and Informatics Core for the Program on Aging, he brought REDCap to Yale in 2011. Peter has long sought to help establish an open, accessible and agile technology infrastructure capable of supporting the breadth of research conducted at Yale School of Medicine, with REDCap among its services. He continues to collaborate with us as a consultant, providing indispensable wisdom for the rest of the REDCap team with humor and grace.


Janet Miceli is fearless and wears many hats on our team which includes tackling the role of software developer. In addition to end-user support and data management, Janet is working on a Development Project supported through the Yale Pepper Center to create software that will allow REDCap fields, which are specified as screening and enrollment endpoints, to drive a graphical CONSORT diagram visualization. Staff Highlight July 15, 2022.



Denise Acampora, a Lead Administrator, is responsible for the business end of REDCap@Yale, including the mechanisms that fund our infrastructure. Her work is mostly invisible, but vital to our success.

She has a long history advocating for REDCap - supporting our efforts to expand the audience within Yale. She injects vigor into our outreach efforts which can be attributed to her enthusiasm for REDCap (but we think it is also partially due to her propensity to talk with her hands).


Mary Geda is a REDCap Administrator and Project Manager. We have difficulty keeping up with the many endeavors that she works on at Yale, but she is generally well-regarded for her project management skills. Mary has a similar role on the REDCap@Yale team: organizing our tasks and keeping us on task! We enjoy having her on the team because she helps us promote REDCap to leadership and our research community. We don't enjoy having her on the team because she keeps track of lengthy lists of tasks that we are expected to complete. Staff Highlight from May 14, 2021.


Jesse Reynolds is a biostatistician at the Yale Center for Analytical Sciences. As Chief of the Team at Yale University, he functions as Yale University’s expert on clinical trial registration and results reporting. Because of the breadth of his experience, he has a unique ability to discuss research, analysis, and compliance in a way that everyone at the table can understand. Jesse provides valuable input and advice that informs our internal development and infrastructure efforts, but, if we're really being honest, we invite him to meetings for his sense of humor and readiness to share amusing anecdotes.

Alphabetical - Team Roles and Functions

Team Member Role Function
Denise Acampora
  • Business Administrator - Senior Leader
  • Administration
  • Business Management
  • Compliance
Katy Araujo
  • Data Management & Team Leader - Senior Leader
  • Consultations on Design, Data, and Operations Support.
  • Testing and Validation
  • Staff Assignments
Peter Charpentier
  • Programmer - Consultant
  • Consultations on Software Feasibility
  • Development of APIs and External Modules
  • Security Expertise
Brian Funaro
  • ITS Systems Engineer - Senior Leader
  • Consultations on Software Feasibility
  • Compliance
  • ITS Security
  • Management of Server, Application, Database, Software
Mary Geda
  • Team Leader - Senior Leader
  • Business Administrator
  • Manage REDCap Initiatives
  • Compliance
  • Training & Education
  • Budget 
Dana Limone
  • End-User Support
  • Team Coordinator
  • Account Services
  • End-User Inquiries
  • Team Coordination
Janet Miceli
  • End-User Support
  • Testing and Validation
  • REDCap Trainer
  • Programmer
  • End-User Inquiries
  • Testing & Validation
  • Programming in R
  • Training & Education
Jesse Reynolds
  • Advisor
  • Administration
  • Compliance
Sui Tsang
  • REDCap Administrator - Senior Leader
  • Education & Training Director
  • Advanced End User Support
  • Advanced End-User Inquiries
  • Consultations on Feasibility
  • Testing & Validation
  • Training & Education Development