Obtain Services

Basic Services

With each REDCap account, you are eligible to receive up to 2-hours of consultation and administrative services. Services are tracked through an internal ticketing system which helps us to manage and distribute resources.

The following additional support is available on a fee-for-service basis:

Data Management

If you need to hire a data manager to work on your project, Yale Center for Analytic Sciences (YCAS) has a cadre of expert staff. They can advise you on the design of your project, build a database or survey, design forms, build reports, troubleshoot, migrate your data, as well as perform analysis and statistics.

Contact YCAS.

Advanced Programming

REDCap's open-standards software allows developers to utilize REDCap's core features while providing additional functionality that is not otherwise available. This platform has enabled our team to build innovative programs that interact with REDCap to support the work of our researchers, such as an External Module for Data Quality Control & Queries (DQCQ).

Please contact us for a consultation.

If you need to hire a programmer to work on your project, you can also contact YCMI.


If you experience accidental data loss and require recovery, we maintain an archive of project snapshots which are kept on offline storage for several weeks. Data recovery is most expedient when reported within 48 hours of the event. Recoveries beyond this point will take longer to complete depending on the elapsed time from the event, the complexity of the project, and the nature of the data. If something catastrophic happens to your project, please contact us as soon as possible so we can provide a recovery plan and, if necessary, provide a cost-estimate.