Add Users to a Project

REDCap access can be given to people with a Yale NetID in two steps:
  1. The first step provides access to the REDCap server, but not to any projects found on that server. This is called 'Allow-listing.'
  2. The second step provides access to the REDCap project. This is known as providing 'User Rights.'
    • Only project-level staff, with delegated privileges, can add users to the project and assign their rights. We cannot add users to your project.

This two-step process ensures that the REDCap system is secure and access is properly authorized.

If the person already has an active user-account (i.e. they can login to the portal) you can skip to Step #2.

Step #1: Allow-listing: Server-Level Access

Contact us to request to add a new user to the REDCap servers. After we allow-list the person, they will receive an email with an authentication link that will allow them to login and activate their REDCap user-account using their Yale NetID and password.

Step #2: User Rights: Project-Level Access

Once the user-account has been activated, you can give them access to the project through the ‘User Rights’ page found in the project.

If you do not see their name on your list, it is likely that

  1. they have not activated their account, or
  2. we have not allow-listed them on the server.

Hint: If you followed these instructions, it's usually the former- #1.